We meet for our Sunday service at 10:45 am each week.

We gather together to praise, hear from, and respond to God - the service being a relaxed mixture of modern & slightly traditional styles.

We aim to be as welcoming and friendly as we can. “Welcome” will be one of the first words you hear if you join us - both from the person greeting you and whoever is leading the service from the front.

The service will be 90 minutes or less, during which there will be songs, readings from the Bible, singing and prayers, an all-age item and a Bible talk (a.k.a. sermon) and one service a month includes Communion. The service leader will lead the congregation through each stage explaining what is happening as clearly as possible.

So, whether you are visiting the area, exploring the Christian faith, are a new Christian or have been attending church your whole life, we hope you’ll be able to join us soon.

You may still have questions you’d like the answer to before attending. We’ve attempted to answer many of them here, but if you have any further questions, or just want to tell us you’re coming so we can look out for you, please contact us at

We also meet to pray together on Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm

1. When and where should I arrive?

Our service starts at 10:45, but the building is open before then. Many people are there early to prepare for the service or to talk and catch up with each other. There's a "open" light in the window to confirm we're open and ready for people to arrive. 

We're using the door to the right of the path as our main entrance, and it's conveniently marked with the not-so-temporary spray paint arrow.

2. Is there any parking?

There is on-street parking at the front of the church building and on surrounding roads.

3. How accessible is Richmond Church for those with mobility or other problems?

There is a ramp, with a handrail, from the street to the main door. The doorway is suitable for wheelchairs. There will be someone at the door to welcome and assist you if you wish. We have chairs rather than pews so wheelchair users can sit anywhere. Again, the welcome team will be there to help if you wish.

We have an accessible toilet on the same level as the main room where the service is held.

There is access to the Hall (where Sunday club is held) via an access ramp to the right of the building.

We have a loop system for hearing aid users (only in the main chapel, not the red-seating in the second room).

All our song words & congregational prayers are displayed on the screen and Bibles are provided for each chair, but we also produce large-print service sheets that contain songs, prayer and bible readings. These are available from the welcome team, or the coffee table on the front platform.

4. Can I bring my children? Are there activities for them?

Absolutely! Children are an important part of our church family and are very welcome. However the Bible talk is aimed primarily at adults, so we provide age-appropriate activities, often on the same section of the Bible, for 4-11-year-olds in Sunday Club.

Sunday Club generally leaves the main service before the Bible talk, and you are welcome to take your child along, introduce them to the leaders and return to the service. If you want to show your child/ren the space before the service, please just ask.

There is a Crèche space in the Lounge with a relay of the Livestream from the service if you feel younger children are too restless and want to take them out. We try and have someone from the church ready to welcome you and provide toys.

For those aged 11+ we have a 'Listening to a Bible talk' activity sheet to encourage and help with following the Bible talk, and this is followed up at YoLG (our Youth Life Group) midweek.

We follow a Safeguarding policy for all our activities with children and vulnerable adults and our leaders are DBS checked. They will be wearing orange lanyards to identify them each week.

5. Do I need to be a Christian to come to church?

No, you don't, people often come to our services or events to find out more about Christianity - in fact, we actively encourage that.

You won't be put under any pressure to join the church or become a Christian, but you will hear the good news about Jesus Christ about living God's way as described in the Bible.

Our aim is to help you find out the facts about Christianity so you can make your own decision - if you hear something you don't understand or don't like, please talk to someone about it and we will help you further.

6. Is there a dress code?

You don't have to 'dress up' or wear your Sunday best. Just be yourself and come as you are. Everyone is welcome!

7. Do I need to take part in the service or go upfront?

No, we hope everyone feels free to join in with as much or little as they feel comfortable with, and everyone up at the front has volunteered to be there. When we take communion, we serve it to everyone who wants to participate in their seats.

8. Can I watch the service from home?

Yes. We Livestream the service on YouTube most weeks. See our Livestream page. 

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